Thank you for your interest in coming to train with us! Please take a few moments to read about what you can expect at Mo's Karate on your first day and learn a little bit about what it is like to train in a Traditional Karate Dojo!

What to Bring

On your first day of class, wear something comfortable to work out in (a pair of sweatpants / shorts, and T-shirt), or bring a white Gi (Ghee) if you have one. We have a place to change if you would like to change at the Dojo.

What to Say

You will hear students yell "Ossu!" ("OOOOSS").  Ossu is an all-purpose spirited greeting that means "Hello, Thank You, I'm doing fine, and I understand!"   

Sensei Mo will cheerfully meet you at the door. If for some reason he is not available, there is a comfortable waiting area for you to enjoy, or if you like, you may take off your shoes and sit on the mat to watch the class in action. Feel free to ask the other parents (spectators) any questions. 

Let him or her know you are there to enjoy a trial class. The Sensei or Senpai will ask you all the necessary questions and answer any questions you may have.

What to Do

When class begins, other students will help you with dojo manners, including traditional bowing in and warming up. As in most traditional Japanese dojos, we bow when stepping on the floor, at the beginning of class, at the end of class, and when stepping off the floor.

When greeting Sensei and when saying "goodbye" to Sensei, always bow.

What to Expect

Karate is a physical fitness activity that can be adapted to anyone's level of fitness. During the first week you will learn our four major techniques -- Kicking, punching, blocking and striking. Along with these, you will learn a few stances such as front stance and horse-riding stance.


Workouts are rigorous, fun and challenging. Instructors pay a lot of attention to every karate technique, focus on the trunk of the body where physical strength is generated, promote appropriate attitude and posture, demonstrate fitness and conditioning, and impart Japanese karate culture and history.




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