Will Your Rates Ever Increase?

We have kept our low rates for years, and will do the best we can to continue offering low rates. Once you join our dojo, your rates are LOCKED IN for no less than 1 year, as long as you have a continuous membership. A continuous membership is defined as a membership in good standing with no more than a 14 day lapse in due payments. If you stop training or paying dues for 14 days, you will be considered a NEW student again and subject to any rate change (if any). If there are any rate changes, students / parents will be notified no less than 30 days beforehand.

Is there a Free Trial? 

YES! And unlike any other dojo in the area, we offer a FREE 1 WEEK TRIAL. That is UNLIMITED classes for 7 days to get the feel of the dojo and Shotokan. All you have to do is sign the waiver we provide. We will go over the terms listed here, but after that conversation, we will NEVER bring up payment again (we don't feel people should be pressured like that). Once your trial is up, Sensei or a Senpai will sit down with you and ask you one simple question: "Would you like to join our Shotokan Family"? (Yes, we see each other as family here).  

Due Dates 

Payments are due on the same date every month that the membership agreement began. If you sign up on the 5th, therefore, your 2nd payment is due on the 5th of the following month, and every month after that. After a 72-hour grace period, all payments will be subject to a $25 late processing fee. 

Refunds of a Canceled Membership?

We DO NOT offer refunds of ANY kind on application fees, registration fees, tuition, testing fees, equipment cost, tournament fees, or event fees. All payments are FINAL. Because we do not do this as a "business", but to teach and train the sport of Karate, much of the fees we get simply "keep the lights on". Remember, all Sensei's and Senpais are VOLUNTEER, we all have regular day jobs. If for any reason you can no longer train with us, we do offer the ability to "Gift" your remaining time to someone at the dojo (or even put your membership "on hold" on a case by case basis).


Train for as little as $68 per month! We are NOT a big corporate dojo, nor are we a chain. Our rates tend to be less than those of other area schools. However, in order to make ends meet we do have to remain strict with our payment policies. We endeavor to remain as self-sufficient as possible which means offering our same high-quality instruction to the general public at competitive rates. All of our Sensei's and Senpais are completely VOLUNTEER. We exist and train for the pure love of Shotokan.

Less expensive than the competition? 


Yes, you bet we are! And there are no hidden costs. It seems to be somewhat of a norm within our field for martial arts schools to be evasive on your first visit and avoid telling prospective students exactly how much it’s going to cost until after the new student has already attended a few classes. At Mo's Karate, all costs are detailed here. There are none that will come up later. Furthermore, there are a wide range of programs that you can choose from that best suits your family’s particular situation. 

Membership Agreements?

Yes, we have membership agreements for 3, 6 and 12 months. Students who wish to train with no commitment may also sign up to pay by the month for a slightly higher rate. Remember our rates are often as much less than our competition, but membership agreements ARE legally binding contracts for membership, not class participation. This means that if you sign up for a 12-month membership, and then decide to go away for a month, your membership will still end on its original end date. If you do miss classes however, we do offer the flexibility to make up the classes at any time; you are always invited to train more! Speak with Sensei or a Senpai for additional training.



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